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Jeezy has carried the torch as a pioneer of the South's trap movement for over a decade, but now it seems that fire is soon going to burn out. The Snowman announced on Twitter on Thursday morning (March 22) that Thug Motivation 104 will be the final album of his decorated rap career. "As the Cold Summer tour comes to an end..

It was inspiring seeing my day one fans since my first album & class TM 101 come out every night. Now class is coming to an end. It's time for Graduation! My Last Album & Final Class: TM104 #TrustYaProcess," Jeezy reflectively concluded. The ATLien's career kicked off in 2005 with the classic Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101 and the 40-year-old continued to drop seven additional albums during his career blessing

fans with endless anthems and memorable moments throughout the journey. Jeezy recently shared his latest album, Pressure, on the 2017 anniversary of The Chronic and has been on the road in support of the project with Tee Grizzley since. Jeezy has yet to reveal a release date for his TM104 finale.


Just about a week after letting loose a preview, BlocBoy JB and 21 Savage have unveiled their new banger "Rover 2.0." The song is an updated version of a previous track from the Memphis rapper and a big-time slapper that definitely justifies the hype surrounding it. JB and 21 get grimy on the new cut.

"Headshot a nigga ass to see what his mind do/Catch him at a red light or a fuckin' drive-thru (that's on my mama)," BlocBoy spits. Nigga playin' with the crew like we ain't gon' shoot/Ooh-woo, now them grapes come through/First 48 and yellow tape keep you from comin' through." For his part, 21 infuses his typically icy, monotone flow into the hard-hitting Tay Keith track. "My baby mama with it, she'll mace ya/Every nigga with me on that gang stuff," he rhymes.

"Slaughter Gang, we came to shoot your kickback up (21)/Nigga disrespect me, he get shit bagged up (21)." It's a banger for sure. "Rover 2.0." follows BlocBoy JB's lauded collab "Look Alive" with Drake, which debuted in the top 5 of the Billboard charts and currently sits at No. 7. The video for the track has more than 80 million plays to date and put even more eyes on the Memphis rapper's "shoot dance." Next up for BlocBoy is his Simi mixtape, which is set to drop next month, and performances at Smokers Club Festival in Long Beach, Calif. on April 28 and the Rolling Loud Festival in Miami on May 13. “Only thing you can expect is to see me. It’s coming soon, real soon," he says of Simi. "I don’t know what I want to call it. It’s a project. It’s the best one, I think, so far."


Over the last few years or so, Diddy and Jay-Z have continually found themselves near the very top of Forbes' wealthiest acts in hip-hop list. Now, it looks like the two are combining their immense wealth to help Black people across the U.S. In a new GQ cover story, Diddy reveals that he and Hov have teamed up to create a new app designed to help people locate Black-owned businesses.

The idea, which is one that stems from the longstanding thought that Black people can empower themselves by building their collective wealth, is that their app will ultimately make it easier to help Black people help themselves. Diddy makes a point to say that won't stop Black people from shopping other places, but rather, it will help Black businesses grow. “This is not about taking away from any other community,” Diddy tells the pub. “We'll still go to Chinatown. We'll still buy Gucci!” He continued before laughing.

“But the application will make it possible for us to have an economic community. It's about blacks gaining economic power.” This news arrives just a day after it was revealed that Hov, who's voiced his issues with the justice system in the past, and Roc Nation were investing $3 million in a startup company by the name of Promise. The program is meant to be an alternative for non-violent offenders who can't afford to be in prison or make bail.

There's no word on when, exactly, Hov and Diddy's app will be hitting our iPhones and Androids, but it does seem like Diddy and Hov are hard at work on it. Here's to hoping we get more details really soon.


Meek Mill's lawyers are continuing their tireless efforts to free him and today (March 20) have filed a request to have Judge Genece Brinkley, who handed down his four-year sentence for violating probation, to be removed from the case.

Meek's legal team said that a primary reason they decided to file the petition for removal was that Judge Brinkley's personal attorney, Charles Peruto Jr., told the press he would sue Meek's legal and management team over their allegations that the judge attempted to extort the "Dreams and Nightmares" rapper. The documents allege that Judge Brinkley took "an unusual interest in, and trying to inject herself into,

[Meek Mill's] personal and professional life." Further, they assert that the case "involved a pattern of judicial (mis)conduct that has prejudiced the rights of a probationer and threatens to undermine the public's confidence in the integrity of the judicial system." In lay-mans terms, this means that Meek's team is following up at their promise to clap back at Judge Brinkley for handing down what they perceive as an overly harsh sentence due to her alleged personal vendetta against the rapper. In addition to filing for the judge to be removed,

they also have requested that Meek Mill be freed immediately on bail pending the proceedings. The last few weeks have been a roller coaster for Meek Mill, after his arresting officer was revealed to have been on the Philadelphia District Attorney's secret list of corrupt cops. He's also been granted a hearing for his Post Conviction Relief Act petition, which could potentially lead to his freedom soon.


The Nas versus Kelis custody battle over their 8-year-old son has thankfully come to an amicable end. The ex-couple has agreed to share joint legal as well as physical custody of their son Knight. The legal docs have not been made available but JAMZ RADIO ATALNAT says the negotiation is very specific to the point of who will be spending time with their son on varying holidays throughout the year, as they will be alternating birthdays with the New York rapper taking the even ones.

Just yesterday (March 19) it was reported that both of the artist's lawyers were firing off insults toward each other making hopes of an agreement grim. Kelis claims to sit in on a deposition when Nas' attorney reportedly referred to the singer's legal representation as a "fattie" and "dick." At the very end of 2017 Esco claimed Kelis was being "hostile" throughout the heated custody battle. The Queens MC previously believed his ex wasn't interested in coming to a mutually-beneficial agreement.

The "Milkshake" artist is also looking for more than the $8,000 a month Nas currently gives her as his net worth continues to skyrocket with a plethora of good investments ranging from Bitcoin to making $40 million by aligning with a doorbell company. It's good to see cooler heads prevail in this situation as the co-parents did right by their child. Nas and Kelis formerly tied the knot back in 2005 before divorcing five years later (May 2010).


If Rick Ross was in dire straits earlier this month, he didn't show it at all while doing TWO shows this weekend ... on both sides of the country.

A day after his first show since being hospitalized -- Ross jetted back to his hometown of Miami for a performance at LIV on Sunday ... and jumped onstage while he was there. It looked like a packed house ... Lil Wayne, Jason Derulo and rapper Fresh were also there. The place was decked out with signs reading,

"Welcome Back Rick Ross." Coming on the heels of his early Sunday morning gig in Vegas ... the Miami appearance wrapped up a weekend schedule that would be considered busy for anyone -- much less someone recovering from an apparent heart-related emergency. He's come a long way in less than 3 weeks.


NBA YoungBoy has been grabbed by the long arm of the law, because he's just been indicted for beating the hell out of his girlfriend ...

and one of the charges is kidnapping. A grand jury in Waycross, Georgia handed down the 2-count indictment for aggravated assault and kidnapping... you see YoungBoy and his GF in a hotel hallway, and he body slams her. As for the kidnapping charge ... he drags her into a hotel room and that's the basis of the charge.

The girlfriend did not want to press charges, saying they were just engaged in horseplay, but people on the Grand Jury didn't buy her story. YoungBoy was released from jail last week on $75k bond.

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